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Be proactive by educating yourself about breast health and the role of Thermography.

Welcome to Thermography of Iowa

At Thermography of Iowa, we have a highly experienced staff that is certified through the International Academy of Clinical Thermography.  Thermography of Iowa provides you with an advanced computerized thermal imaging and we are dedicated to providing one of the most important adjunctive breast imaging procedures available.  It is our primary goal to raise the awareness of the importance of monitoring one’s breast health in the fight against breast cancer.

We recommend women follow guidelines for Breast Thermography issued by the American Cancer Society. You will then be able to compare your baseline breast thermogram to a follow-up thermograms to monitor any changes that may be taking place.

Breast Thermography Guidelines for Early Detection

  • Initial infrared scan by age 20
  • 20-30 years of age – every 3 years
  • 30 years of age and over – every year

Our technicians are also trained to do full-body thermograms.  We can image specific areas of the body such as the head/neck for thyroid activity or possible dental infections. As an example, the majority of the time, dental infections do not cause much pain yet can undermine our health. Thermography verified inflammation in the area where a recent patient had a concern about a tooth…her dentist’s standard x-ray did not.

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Disclaimer: Breast thermography offers women information that no other procedure can provide. However, breast thermography is not a replacement for or alternative to mammography or any other form of breast imaging. Breast thermography is meant to be used in addition to mammography and other tests or procedures. Breast thermography and mammography are complementary procedures; one test does not replace the other. All thermography reports are meant to identify thermal emissions that suggest potential risk markers only and do not in any way suggest diagnosis and/or treatment. Studies show that the earliest detection is realized when multiple tests are used together. This multimodal approach includes breast self-examinations, physical breast exams by a doctor, mammography, ultrasound, MRI, thermography, and other tests that may be ordered by your doctor.

Source: American Cancer Society – Breast Cancer Guidelines and Statistics, 2005


Thermography is an imaging procedure where infrared images are analyzed to determine the risk of developing cancer.


Thermography is non-invasive, safe and painless – no radiation or compression is used.


Here are some of the most common questions we answer about Thermography.

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